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  • Where are Stressless products made?
    Stressless manufacturers all Stressless Chairs and Sofa models in their factories in Ikornnes, Norway and distributes through their warehouse in Somerset, New Jersey. Stressless also assembles most sofa models in their assembly factory in Morganton, North Carolina. Learn more about Stressless Production.
  • What is the design inspiration behind Stressless?
    The Stressless brand centers around delivering unparalleled comfort to consumers around the world. This orientation spawned the invention of the Stressless Original Chair in 1971 and carries through today in creating some of the world's most comfortable, durable and easy to use seating. Check out the full Inspiration Story here!
  • Is there anything special about the way Stressless is made?
    Absolutely! Stressless products are made to some of the highest standards in the world. This is accomplished through very specialized production techniques that are exceptionally unique within the furniture industry. Incorporating precision tooling, robotics, an extremely systematic approach and a heavy dose of Norwegian pride and craftmanship Stressless Production is truly unique. Check out the Stressless Production system here.
  • Are Stressless products manufactured with respect to the environment?
    Certainly. One cannot look at the pristine nature of the region in which Stressless products are manufacturered and expect otherwise. With factories nestled along one of the most prized fjord regions in the world, attention to the environment is always a focus. Learn more about the Stressless Commitment to the Environment here.
  • What are some of the ways Stressless Comfort is so unique?
    Stressless products are engineered from the ground up with one primary focus in mind...Comfort. Everything is designed this way. Whether it is recognizing that we do not live in a one-size-fits-all world to realizing the body itself has very specific support needs or that everyone has different lifestyle requirements, Stressless designsfor living. Check out more about Stressless Intelligent Seating here.

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