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Keep it Simple...Fit, Form & Function.

Turbocharge your Stressless Chair sales with this easy, focused presentation to keep your customers on track and close more sales...faster.

Small, Medium, Large, Classic, Signature, Power Leg, Power Leg & Back, Star Base, Office, Batick, Cori, Paloma, Noblese, Pioneer, Oak, Wenge, Walnut, Brown, Black, Whitewash, Grey, with accessories or without, etc. You get the picture. With so many designs functions and options it can be easy for a new Stressless consumer to get overwhelmed, and as we all know a confused customer is a lost sale.

This is why the best Stressless salespeople keep it simple and focused. By doing this, you will close more Stressless Chair sales and do so quicker than ever before. Great listening and observation skills are important as they are with anything you present, and staying focused on what's really important to your customer is the key. With Stressless Chairs, it's comfort. And with comfort, it all boils down to Fit, Form & Function.

Fit, Form & Function. The three most important steps to reving up your Stressless sales. To make it even more effective, make sure your Stressless display is set up with the proper tools and floor models. Displays showing complete groups of at least one or two of your best-selling Stressless designs in all sizes and functions is key.

It is proven that consumers purchase quicker, more often and with greater confidence when experiencing this focused presentation. For more details on how to tweak your in-store display, just ask your local Stressless Sales Professional...we are always here to help.

Thanks again for joining us here on Selling Stressless. As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can reach out to us here or contact you local Stressless Rep directly. Cheers!

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1 Comment

Unknown member
Jun 19, 2020

Great Post. Keep it simple and sell more.

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