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Stressless Everyday Resources

Knowledge is POWER! If you are in the know, then you have confidence...and when you speak confidently with your customer you build trust to close more sales.

Ever been asked "How long will it be before I receive my Stressless order?" or "What colors are stocked on the Mayfair Large Power chair?" Of course you have! Maybe, you are working with a customer in the store and they ask you a custom price but the Stressless price list is MIA for some reason...what do you do then, guess? In today's fast information-paced world, consumers want real answers and they expect them quickly. Did you know SellStressless is mobile optimized? Simply bookmark on your tablet or mobile phone and you have access to all the resources in the palm of your hand, anywhere!

Check out below as Rob walks you through the many Stressless everyday resources here on Selling Stressless that will help you to be able to close more sales with confidence.

As always, thanks again for being part of the Selling Stressless community. As we all get back to business as the new-normal, rest assured that your team of dedicated Stressless reps are ready to support you with whatever you need to increase your Stressless sales. If you have any comments or suggestions please let us know by contacting your local Stressless Representative directly, or dropping us a line here at Selling Stressless. We'd love to hear from you! Cheers.

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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 28, 2020

Great job Rob! Very clear!

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