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Stressless@Home app - Sofas Edition

Selling Sofas can be easy with the right tools!

Sofas and sectionals are one of the biggest changes furniture shoppers can make in their home. This is where most families live, entertain and relax from their hectic days, and yet shopping for the perfect seating can be...let's just say, stressful. Although they may love the comfort and design of their favorite Stressless sofa seating group in your store, they often hesitate to place their order because they are unsure how their color choice may look in their home.

This is yet another area where the Stressless@Home app can make you a hero with your customer. Not only can you customize any Stressless Chair combination as you saw in last week's post, but you can also customize the color and even configuration of any Stressless Sofa grouping on your very own tablet or phone - right before your customer's eyes!

Watch now as Rob shows you in this terrific post how to harness the power of the Stressless@Home app in your sofa presentations. You will see step-by-step just how this magic works using the Stressless@Home app and how easily it can help you close more Stressless Sofa sales. Enjoy!

Thanks again Rob (and of course, Stella), for that great explanation. Fast fact: studies have shown that salespeople that take the time to do a layout for their customers that are shopping for sofas & sectionals close significantly more (and larger) sales! It couldn't be any easier and faster than through the Stressles@Home app. So, go now to your itunes or google play store to download this free app and begin practicing. If you do, you'll be amazed the response you will get with this weekend's sales.

More questions? Contact your local Stressless Representative directly, or drop us a line here at Selling Stressless and we'll be happy to help.

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Unknown member
Feb 28, 2020

I love it Rob!


Jeffrey Davis
Jeffrey Davis
Feb 27, 2020

Great post, Rob. Really great way to use the app.

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