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Stressless@Home app Tutorial

A fantastic app for your Stressless Selling Toolbox. Stressless@Home will help you close more sales!

"I just can't picture what Stressless will look like in my home."

If you are like many furniture salespeople, you surely run into the same obstacle with customers looking to buy a special order combination that you do not have on your floor. The problem is getting the customer to confidently visualize what their selection will look like before they place their order.

This is where the Stressless@Home app really shines in helping you to close more special order sales.

Stressless@Home is available as a free download for Android and iOS phones and tablets which enables you to show your customer how their personal Stressless selection will look in their choice of cover, color and finish...and even place it in their own home!

Watch below, as Jeff D gives this step-by-step tutorial on the Stressless@Home app and how powerful it can be when you are trying to help your customers have more confidence in placing their Stressless special orders.

So, remember to download the free Stressless@Home app onto your phone or tablet from GooglePlay or the Apple App Store. Then begin practicing using the app so you can use it smoothly in your customer presentations. It can be very powerful when closing your Stressless sales.

More questions? Contact your local Stressless Representative directly, or drop us a line here at Selling Stressless and we'll be happy to help.

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